​EES Inc.

​Our commitment ​: To solve your radon problem with guaranteed results, cleanliness, and friendly service.  

Well trained : All of our people are NRPP/NEHA certified. Important! 

Guaranteed results : We guarantee to bring your levels down below 4 picocuries and in most cases, much lower. 

 Transferable warranty : We offer a five year parts, labor and radon results transferable warranty. ​Good for you, good for next owner

Real estate : We have a Supra E-key to help in access and in timing. We understand the need to respond quickly! 

​Insured : ​1,000,000 general liability.

Why should you choose us ​?

The founder of EES Inc., Robert Worth Frank, was first EPA listed in 1986,  and has continuously maintained his listing since then. To do so you must complete continuing education coursework in order to keep up to date with evolving techniques and new standards. (Listings are currently managed by the NEHA  & NRPP ).

​In addition, Mr. Frank has a work history conducive to understanding how a house functions as a complete system.  His earlier work included house doctoring, blower-door and infra-red testing, and house inspection and diagnostics for the Metropolitan Airport Commission.

 Why is this important ?


Pioneers in radon mitigation techniques used insights gained though house diagnostics to better understand the driving forces involved in radon accumulating in homes. These include dynamics such as the stack effect, unbalanced pressures, weather, and the houses' mechanical systems.

It is also important to have this understanding because improperly installing a radon mitigation system can overpower a naturally vented appliance such as your water heater or the furnace. This could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.


In addition, a system that is improperly designed could have a negative effect on house performance and drive up utility costs unnecessarily.

In short, creating other problems is a real possibility if you are not properly trained or lack valuable experience.

Founded in 1995, Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. has installed thousands of radon mitigation systems in a variety of houses.


We are Radon Mitigation specialists , EPA  listed since 1986. We have been doing radon for along time, and we do it well ​!


       Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.